Our soils and "terroir"

Our soils are primary schist with more or less alteration

Most of our parcels have a depth of 60 cm with a good drainage allowing the Chenin grapes to express its best.

Our Cabernet franc and Cabernet Sauvignon are grown on deeper soils (80 to 100 cm)

We have rather early to normal budburst, somewhat " windy" slopes which is very efficient to stop naturally the development of disease, and helps the grapes to concentrate. Further more, the proximity of the Loire and the Layon river favours the development of the noble rot and the natural concentration of flavour.

To show en exhaustive map of our soils, you can click on the following link, then select "vignoble Anjou", then "rochefort sur Loire", zoom and go to the north-east near the red border. Try to see the oval training track for horses (as shown on the satelite picture). here you are !!