Classified oak tree just in the midle of the vineyard of Domaine la Guillaumerie

After 20 years at different jobs in the wine industry, my dream becomes reality:

I bought my own vineyard and became a wine grower !!...

Wanting to get closer from the earth, to live at the rhythm of the season...,wishing to make my own wine, to "breath" my terroir, wishing to create and share my passion...Impossible to list all the good raisons that push me naturally to make this choice...

We are now with my wife the happy owner of " Domaine la Guillaumerie" in the little town of Rochefort sur Loire.

We first decide to choose as the emblem of our vineyard this classified oak tree standing just in the middle of our vines. It is the witness of all the work that has already been accomplished in the past, and he will memorize our own history starting to be written. It will be the strong link between generations taking care of "Domaine la Guillaumerie"

We are located on beautiful terroir of schist (green and crimson), typical from the "Black Anjou" area, on slope side at 70 m high, overlooking the Loire valley.

We use the most respectful of the environment techniques to manage our vineyard for a sustainable development. All our grapes are hand picked. This is for us a key point for better quality and good for employment!...

We have 45 acres of vines, 39 acres surrounding our cellar, and 6 acres at 2 kms in "Denée" village.

We have different grapes : 21 acres of Chenin, 14 acres of Cabernet (Franc and Sauvignon), 5 acres of Gamay, 2.5 acres of Grolleau and 2.5 acres of Sauvignon

Our experimented team with Frédéric and Agnès Hanse 

Early summer
Early spring